Inspiring Founders Wanted

It’s that time! On the Rails is officially on the search for inspiring founders nationwide.

Participating in the Unity journey from August 10th-18th, OTR will be stopping over in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Milwaukee and Detroit.

At these 5 stopovers, OTR needs to find 1 inspiring small business founder from each city. These founders are are following their passion, questioning the status quo and living the “why not?.” Put simply, these individuals and their companies stand out.

OTR will be taking all founder recommendations through July 20, 2016. Do you know of a founder or company that has shaken up your way of thinking and energized your motivation? If so, please send any recommendations to There’s no need to know the founder personally, that’s where OTR will step in.

Once all the recommendations are in, the due diligence of researching, reaching out and talking with these individuals/companies to learn more about their story will begin. When OTR has narrowed it down to 1 founder from each city we’ll announce the final 5. Be on the look-out!


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