Episode 3: Tanya Fleisher and Roy Katz



“Pretty quickly we realized we enjoyed doing it and from the very beginning we were like, we need to get these in front of an audience. So it wasn’t just a side project for ourselves, it was definitely for some audience. We just didn’t know who the audience was yet.” — Tanya Fleisher, Winter Session


“I think we bring to the table how we live and I think that the people who have come to this company to work with us and work for us have an appreciation of that and probably live in a certain way…. the products reflect something of what we’ve given to it and then our lives reflect kind of what the product has become.” –Roy Katz, Winter Session


“We try to stay focused. We have a tendency to want to do everything and say yes to everything… at a certain point we said yes to too many projects that we were spreading ourselves thin and diluting what we were doing. So at a certain point it was learning to say no. And that automatically helped us focus.” –Tanya Fleisher


“I think people take note of the culture we’ve developed. However, that’s come to be. It’s become very important to us, that culture. We didn’t really set out to build that culture, but it’s kind of become the defining characteristics of who we are as a company and I think at least our peers the in the small business world really appreciate that.” –Roy Katz


“There’s definitely a slowness that I’ve come to appreciate and try to approach things with, but within slowness, motion. I think it’s really important for everyone to keep moving, whether it’s literally your body, or your ideas, or to keep changing, to keep growing.” –Tanya Fleisher