Episode 1: Nan Kohler



“I certainly didn’t wake up at 13 years old and say ‘some day I’m going to own a stone mill and make flour,’ but it’s really a culmination of all my interests.” — Nan Kohler, Grist & Toll


“I live here in southern California, these are my people, this is my community.”


“There are things that would be easier if I was more remote. You know, less eyes looking in on what I’m doing and less oversight with some of the city and public entities, it’s a pretty intense thing to be the first.”




“I learned very quickly that even though I’m a four mill in Los Angeles, in a prominent city, at the end of the day sustainability, transparency and how our food is created is much much bigger than me and what has become even more important now is the fight for diversity.”



“There’s nothing like coming in and turning that mill off, the aroma of the flour, it never gets old.”

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“I don’t ever intend for there to be 80 Grist & Tolls, it’s really this is about me feeding my community and then hopefully getting the message out and helping others.”