On the Rails
 (OTR) seeks to explore and uncover the stories of small business founders, founders who are carving their own path and embodying a pioneering spirit. These are the people we look to when our routines need change, when we need to fuel to our ambition and help to follow our callings.

OTR is one millennial’s journey by train from Los Angeles to Detroit, uncovering and sharing 5 inspiring founder’s stories from 5 American cities along the route of The Millennial Trains Project 2016 UNITY trip.

UNITY: August 10-18 // Los Angeles → San Francisco → Denver → Milwaukee → Detroit


To create a 6-episode storytelling feature, to be released weekly following the end of the trip. The first 5 episodes will focus on 1 founder each and the 6th and final episode will be the dedicated end-cap, completing the 6-episode feature. All episodes will include a podcast interview with the founder plus additional text and photos.

Prior to boarding the train, On the Rails will find 5 inspirational small business founders (1 from each city stop) who are imagining, creating and building meaningful work and lives. These founders combining the idea of commerce and lifestyle and helping others to see that they can do the same.

Once the trip begins and at each city stop, OTR will meet with that founder to learn more about their story.

Upon the end of the trip and when OTR arrives back to home base, episodes will be released weekly starting August 29, 2016.


A Marylander by birth, but an outdoor junkie at heart, I came out to Denver, CO by way of attending the University of Denver. After graduating with a degree in Electronic Media Arts and Design, I found myself as a Graphic Designer and later to being a part of the Something Independent team. With Something Independent, I’ve had the unique opportunity of working within the Colorado entrepreneurial community and have truly found my passion within its people and spirit.


is an award-winning 501(c)3 non-profit organization that leads transcontinental train journeys for young innovators to explore America’s new frontiers. This an officially-approved project for the August 2016 Unity journey.